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"Thank you soooooo much for playing the harp for me so beautifully!

I have never had such a wonderful one-on-one experience before.  Without exaggeration, this was one of the most precious hour in my life. I never expected to be so touched by a harp and a jolly friend with a sweet smile, playing it for me.  The harp suits you very well. 

I was also impressed that you played a wide variety of hymns, secular songs and songs of blessing without reading any music notes. Your playing soothed my soul and gave me peace. I even relaxed considerably after a long stressful day.

My Mum also was happy to hear you playing. She thought you were quite good."

- Sarah S.


"I listened to Nina play the harp tonight and I enjoyed it very much.  She
played a lot of my favorite hymns as well as some Broadway tunes and movie themes. Bravo!"

- Linda P.


"We listened to your video where you are playing your harp. Indeed your music is soothing and we enjoyed it."

- Jannie & Walter L.


"I am not a big fan of just listening to instrumental music, but Nina really
blessed me that morning as she played a wide assortment of hymns and praise songs strictly from memory! 

Her playing was flawless, and I was able to continue working on my computer as I regularly do.  Her music made my work a more pleasant experience.  I would highly recommend everyone to take advantage of her service!"

- Gloria H.


"Listening to Nina play the harp was very soothing and relaxing. She seques into each new song flawlessly without any breaks. She puts her whole heart into her playing and the listener can feel it. Thank you for a wonderful concert."

- Amy H.


"In this sometimes crazy, hectic world, Nina’s harp playing is just what the doctor ordered.  Nina’s harp playing has a calming, peaceful, tranquil effect.  She is dedicated to the instrument and is continuously improving and expanding her repertoire to include a broad range of music as well as special requests.

I’m amazed at how many songs she plays from memory and how easily she can sound out new songs.  Nina serves with joy and compassion and leaves one better than when they started."

- Sue G.


"As a Certified Sound Healer, I know first hand the impact of intent and frequency on the body and it’s resulting healing. The cells in the body resonate into their natural, relaxed state when intent and frequency blend.

Nina’s intent is pure in its desire for peace, harmony, and healing for
those whom she plays. The gentle sounds of the harp as Nina envelops the listener in well-known, and sometimes not so well-known music (which can be felt even remotely through Zoom), vibrate the cells in the body (which primarily consist of water) and assist the body in returning to optimal health.

I highly recommend a session with Nina so that you can experience for yourself the power of sound in healing."

- Grace R.


"I was fortunate to have Nina play her harp for me.  I was blessed by listening to beautiful hymns and songs.  It was very peaceful and relaxing and blessed me spiritually."

- Elizabeth V.   

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